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Training Tips

How to Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Your dog is a cherished family member, and the thought of sending your dog away can be a scary prospect. You might be worrying about how your dog feels, how much he might miss you, or how stressed he might be in an unfamiliar environment. My name is Yama, the resident helper dog at Dog… Continue reading

Environmentally Friendly Indoor Potty Pads

Most dogs are toilet trained outdoors, but for urban dogs, indoor potty training is an option for small breeds and puppies that are in the process of completing their vaccinations.   Potty pads are also useful for geriatric dogs, dogs in high rise apartments and during the cold winter months.   Although it’s convenient, potty… Continue reading

Leashes 101

My name is Yama, and I am a 155lb St Bernard and a proud New Yorker.  I have two St. Bernards brothers, and we are often mistaken for a herd of donkeys.  Our combined weight exceeds 400lbs, so the type of leashes we use is essential.  Leash lengths are particularly important for dogs in urban… Continue reading

How to Be a Pack Leader 101

Dogs are pack animals, which means they require a social, hierarchical structure.  They thrive in an environment that provides stability, predictability, structure and consistency, and the majority of behavioral issues with dogs are a result of this lack of hierarchical framework.  Without it, the dog is confused and feels the need to lead the human… Continue reading

Potty Training 101

My name is Masa the St Bernard.  Some call me Sasquatch, but I’m actually a 165lb canine.  When I was first adopted from Animal Care Centers of Brooklyn, I was a hot mess.  This Yeti was not used to city living.  I was a 120lb monster that placed giant poop track marks all over the… Continue reading

Crate Training 101

My name is Hanzo, and I’m a one year old St Bernard Mutt.  North Shore Animal League shipped me from Tennessee when I was 4 months old, and I was adopted by Dog City to join the resident St Bernards, Papa Yama and Papa Masa. I’m studying as an apprentice helper dog, and my job… Continue reading

Dog Training Tips: Separation Anxiety

Does your dog bark like crazy when you leave the apartment? Do you come home to shredded couches, land mines in the middle of the living room floor, and death threats from neighbors posted on your door? Separation Anxiety is a common problem. It’s also one of the biggest reasons why dogs are relinquished to… Continue reading

Dog Training Tips: Positive Markers

The key components to successful dog training are positive reinforcement and timing. Remember that math teacher that spoke in a soothing monotone? Algebra is boring enough and it certainly should not be presented as a lullaby. Or that grumpy English teacher who made you despise Shakespeare. Why art thou so boring? Look back at your… Continue reading

Dog Training Tips: “Leave It”

One of the most useful commands for dogs living in an urban environment is “leave it”. It’s useful because we are scavengers. NYC is a culinary mecca for dogs– there are so many delicious things on the street: the pizza crust, the half eaten bagel and my personal favorite– chicken bones. But as a wise,… Continue reading

Tips for the Working Canine Mom and Dad

Dogs are social pack animals, and happy dog are made with exercise and love. Just like us humans, no matter what age, dogs greatly benefit from mental and physical stimulus. Urban living is also a great challenge for dogs because we don’t get to do morning sprints in our own back yard. When boredom or excess… Continue reading

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