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Compounding Medicine for Pets

My name is Masa, and I’m a 5 year old St Bernard, originally from Animal Care Centers in Brooklyn. When I first came to Dog City, I was an emaciated, petrified giant. Now, I’m just a slobbering goofball. My hobbies are: Digging through trash, rolling on horse poop, swimming in muddy ponds, painting on walls… Continue reading

Autumn Health Tips for Dogs

Summer is almost over and the crisp East coast air is on its way. The change of seasons brings much relief as heat and humidity is tough for urban dogs in NYC. I’m a St Bernard, and I hibernate during the summer months– but when the temperatures start to drop, our stamina increases and we’re… Continue reading

Springtime for Dogs

It’s springtime in NYC. Flowers are blossoming, leaves are budding, and your couch and pants are covered in dog fur.  I’m a 150lb St Bernard who lives with two Bernard brothers, so you know it’s spring when my tail fur floats in Mom’s morning coffee.   Here are some springtime tips for urban hounds and… Continue reading

Winter Tips for Dogs

I am a St Bernard, and I LOVE winter. Snow, slush and ice rocks my world, but winter is not for every dog as much as warm summers are tough on me. I’ve heard humans say ridiculous things like “dogs do not need coats”, or “dogs do not get cold”. This is preposterous. As much… Continue reading

Canine Oral Care

Dog breath.  It stinks.   Oral hygiene is a much overlooked factor in a dog’s overall health because we’re not raccoons and we’re unable to hold a toothbrush nor turn the faucet on.  If your dog has halitosis, a number of causes may be responsible for this condition– mainly, plaque build up, cavities, or periodontal… Continue reading

How to Keep Your Dog Safe In the Summer

Summer is an awesome season for dogs in NYC, because our human parents are active outdoors.  As much as I love the outdoors, I am always hot because I’m a huge dog with a heavy undercoat.  Summer can be a dangerous season for heavily undercoated dogs, short nosed breeds, overweight or elderly dogs, or dogs… Continue reading

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