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The Dog City team is passionate and loving. We take our jobs seriously, because it’s a great honor to care for you.

The handlers receive ongoing training on all aspects of dog care — from CPR, first aid, safety issues, health, to understanding how you’re feeling or connecting non-verbally, we have the knowledge and enthusiasm to give you the attention you deserve. We think dogs rock! Now come over here and let me scratch you in your favorite spot.

Gordon Brennan's Dog Training


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Gordon Brennan learned how to train dogs with an old fashioned apprenticeship. His education was primarily from Captain Arthur J. Haggerty and his daughter, Babette Haggerty. Captain Haggerty is the pioneer in the field of dog training. It has been said that Captain Haggerty did for dogs what the Beatles did for rock and roll.

Gordon’s goal in dog training is to make sure that you and your dog know what to do, when to do it and how to do it. While doing this, he adds real world situations to the training, making it both effective and fun. This way, you have more fun while being trained, and your dog will have an easier time learning.

Gordon has hosted numerous seminars focusing on such challenges as aggression towards other dogs, aggression towards people, and working with shelter dogs with fear and aggression issues. He has saved many dogs that were incorrectly labeled as “aggressive” from being euthanized through proper training, conditioning and owner education.

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Dog City is blossoming and looking for new candidates. Loving, kind, and compassionate individuals are encouraged to apply.

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