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Grooming in comfort

Our facilities have state of the art grooming and bathing rooms. Your pet will receive luxury spaw services using hypoallergenic, veterinary products to look fresh and ready for the town.

Membership Pricing
Grooms starting at $135 | Baths starting at $105

Non Membership Pricing
Grooms starting at $140 | Baths starting at $110

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  • Services Offered

Our services include: full grooming (shampoo, conditioner, massage, blow out, hair-cut), brush outs and dematting, bath and fluff, pawdicures, ear cleaning and styling.

  • You’ll Be Spawed. Not Groomed

The Dog City Spaw experience is not your average grooming experience. We make it pleasant because we know dogs. We respect your discomfort because you’re a dog. You’ll make friends with our gentle handlers and our loving groomers. After the session, you’ll be immediately sent home, relaxed and feeling good for the well-deserved nap.

  • Dematting

While we do our best to retain length, dependent on the severity of the mats, we may advise that a crew cut is best. If your parents adore your long hair, please ask them to give you a brush out daily to prevent the tangles from forming.