Trying to walk a dog who pulls on leash a lot can be troublesome to deal with, especially in a place like NYC where there is so much to distract your pooch. It’s important to teach your dog proper walking etiquette, so here are some tips to stop your dog from pulling on leash.

Why Do Dogs Pull?

If a dog pulls on leash, it’s only because they haven’t been taught not to. Dogs instinctively follow their sense of smell, which leads to them pulling you over over the place. They’re not trying to misbehave when they do this, they’re just being curious.

Leash Training Essentials

  • Leash
  • Harness/Martingale Collar
  • Training Treats
  • Dog Clicker

How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling

Practice At Home First

Start training at home so you have a controlled environment to practice with your dog. Leash them up and stand with them, making sure to give them enough slack to move around.

Reinforce Staying Close = Getting Treats

Use your dog clicker and treats to reinforce that they should stay near you. Every time your dog stays near you, use the clicker and feed them a treat. Repeat as much as needed until you feel your dog is reading your outdoor training.

Training Outside

Here’s where the real training begins. Start walking your dog and use the clicker whenever they stay close to you. Feed them a treat on the side you are walking them to encourage them to stay there.

If your dog pulls, stop immediately, have them sit and stay, giving them a treat when they have complied. Wait a moment, then begin walking again. As soon as they pull again, stop and repeat the sit/stay command. Be patient and diligent with your dog during this process, otherwise it could have adverse effects.

Written by Vincent M.

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