You and the Dog City staff have been so incredible! It made our transition into NYC so much easier and we are very grateful for that! Maxell is my world, knowing he was happy and enjoying himself at Dog City took immense stress off of my mind! Anyone can throw dogs in a room, the Dog City staff have a special gift of relating to each 'little people' that enters through the doors! You are truly dog whisperers! Everyone at Dog City will always hold a special place in our hearts

Maxwell's Mom

Parker's time at Dog City under your care achieved a lot with his temperament. All done to your good work at Dog City.”

Parker's Dad

Dog City has been amazing we have been super impressed with your professionalism and overall process consistently. You and your team have done a great job taking care of our boys and you know how much they mean to us. Everyone has gone above and beyond our expectations.

Sake's Mom

We are so fortunate to be members of Dog City. I have lived in various condos and apartments for nearly 20 years and no one else have even come close regarding care and services.

Sophie's Dad