“We also briefly talked about this, but I wanted to put it down in writing. We’re moving to MiMA because of you. We really appreciate immensely everything you do for us”


“You are the reason I’ve wanted to stay in the building you have made their life that much better. If we could only clone you!”


“I was actually crying last night thinking aboout Oscar no longer having Dog City. Oscar is really the one who loses out in the move because giving up Dog City is soooo sad. Dog City has been a truly incredible and unique experience that is the envy of all dog owners. ”


“You and the Dog City staff have been so incredible! It made our transition into NYC so much easier and we are very grateful for that! Maxell is my world, knowing he was happy and enjoying himself at Dog City took immense stress off of my mind! Anyone can throw dogs in a room, the Dog City staff have a special gift of relating to each 'little people' that enters through the doors! You are truly dog whisperers! Everyone at Dog City will always hold a special place in our hearts”


“Scout is peppier and hyped up after each Pee & Play. I suspect it is because he is having too much fun and getting too many hugs.”


“Parker's time at Dog City under your care achieved a lot with his temperament. All done to your good work at Dog City.”


“My lease expires at the end of September, but not sure if I’m staying here or moving in with the GF. Dog City is the primary reason I would want to stay. I think you guys are fantastic and great for Budman.”


“We signed our lease for 2 more years!! Yay!! Dog City has a major part in this. You guys are awesome!! We have so many great things to say about you guys!”


“I want to sincerely thank you for everything you have done for Izzy over the last two years.”


“Dog City has been amazing we have been super impressed with your professionalism and overall process consistently. You and your team have done a great job taking care of our boys and you know how much they mean to us. Everyone has gone above and beyond our expectations.”


“Carol and I really enjoy the high level of service Dog City has provided to us and our boys. Elvis and Sake have been going to Dog City since we moved into the building back in August of 2011, and it’s been a great experience for us and them.”


“We are so fortunate to be members of Dog City. I have lived in various condos and apartments for nearly 20 years and no one else have even come close regarding care and services. ”


“We LOVE Dog City more than anything. I wanted to say thank you for everything you and Dog City has done for us. I wish you could come with us to our new place! (It's a much smaller building, so it’d be more like Dog Town or Dog Village.)”


“You have been a fantastic team, and helped to teach Booya how to behave like a gentleman. Thank you so much for everything! ”


“We will sorely miss all of you at Dog City and the wonderful care you have provided Daisy! Leya, I will forever be grateful for all of your support you afforded me with respect to Daisy and better understanding how to manage her while we lived at MiMA. You are awesome!”


“Thanks so much for looking out for Elliot above and beyond the call of duty. Your protectiveness of Elliot is greatly appreciated by me.”


“I commend you and your team on the level of quality of service that you’ve delivered here. Throughout the duration of our relationship (even before Herb and I were clients), the Dog City crew has been extremely responsive, accommodating, and a true partner in how to best care for Winston. You all have exceeded our expectations every step of the way.”


“I know how much Lucy loved you and how safe you made her feel. I wanted to say thanks for being so good to my sweet angel when she was with you. ”


“John Henry and I LOVE the service. I hope that in my travels I can find something he loves as much as Dog City. ”