If you have a puppy, or are planning to get one soon, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. Everything is new to a puppy, so first impressions are everything and can affect how your dog feels about certain people, places and things. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to introducing your new puppy to your family.

How To Introduce Your Puppy To Children

Both children and puppies are very impressionable, so take the following precautions when introducing your new puppy to your child to prevent any negative feelings towards one another.

Use An Open Space

Using an open space for this introduction is beneficial for both the puppy and your child. This way neither of them will feel trapped and become anxious/defensive.

Teach Child How To Approach The Puppy, Let Puppy Get Comfortable

Teaching your child how to approach puppies, and dogs in general, is very important. They’ll most likely be excited to be in the presence of a puppy, but let them approach calmly and slowly, letting the dog come to them first.

How To Introduce Puppy To Another Dog

Introducing your puppy to another dog can be even trickier. Dogs can be very territorial, and their behavior can be unpredictable when faced with new stranger in their home. With some patience and precaution they will become the best of friends.

Update Vaccinations

Make sure that all dogs present are up-to-date on all their required vaccinations prior to introducing them. This will prevent any bacterial or parasitic illnesses from spreading between dogs.

Use A Neutral Location

A neutral location, like a park, is the ideal spot to introduce dog to each other for the first time. This way neither dog feels territorial or threatened.

Engage With Them

Engage with the dogs during their first meeting, regardless of where. As much as a dog is trained, they can still be unpredictable. Keeping your attention on them will also give you the opportunity to create healthy boundaries and curb unwanted behavior, such as jumping, mouthing, or lunging.

Remember to take precaution when introducing your puppy or dog to anyone new. With just a little patience and attentiveness your dog will get acclimated to their new life in no time!

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Written by Vincent M.