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Need some training?

Our partnering trainer can teach your dog all the skills they need to be an awesome city dog. Dogs enrolled in training will receive the guidance and support they need to grow into the well behaved four legged friend we know they can be.

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  • It’s not easy being a dog in New York City

Dogs are everywhere and the streets are crowded with high heels and tasty-looking sneakers. While you’re checking your messages on fire hydrants, strangers approach to pat your head. You’re forced to ride in a moving box called elevators with people and dogs you’ve never met. Garbage trucks and buses roll by without any consideration for your heightened sense of hearing. It’s loud, and it scares you. We understand how you’re feeling and we can help.

  • Owner education

A happy dog has an alpha to lead them, and we’ll show your parents how to become your pack leader.

  • Private and group lessons

Dog City offers private and group lessons, ranging in topics from basic house training to advanced agility.