Regularly grooming your dog helps keep their skin and fur condition healthy, this is even more important during these Summer months. This is especially true for long-haired dogs as their fur can become matted, a very uncomfortable and sometimes painful feeling for dogs. Bathing and brushing your dog on a regular basis also helps prevent and identify the presence of ticks, mites, and fleas. Since we know how hard it can be to find the right products for your pets, here are our top picks for grooming products. All hand-picked by our amazing Head Groomer, Iris!

Brushes & Combs:
slicker brush

Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush
The Chris Christensen Big G brush is designed to make grooming easier and faster when working with dense coats. The long, dense pins are perfect for fluffing curly, cottony coats, along with fluffing and shaping heads, toplines, and legs.

Artero Double Flexible Slicker Brush
Thanks to its flexible and longer than normal head, the Artero Double Flexible Slicker Brush adapts to the skin and covers more surface area with each pass. Each face of the card is differentiated by a color, the black face is for detangling and the gray face is for brushing and stretching the hair due to the placement of the spikes in each case.

Chris Christensen Greyhound-Style Combination Buttercomb
Handcrafted to the smallest detail, this fine/x-coarse skip tooth combination comb glides through the coat like butter. No snagging or breakage. The stainless steel titanium-coated teeth create a strong, long lasting comb that is more comfortable for both you and your pet.


Shampoos & Conditioners:

iGroom is a leading luxury pet beauty and health company with a reputation for the finest scientifically-developed shampoos, conditioners, skin cares and other products available for pets.