Happy Spring!

It’s springtime in NYC. Warmer weather means more time outdoors.  Just as much as it would be a bad idea for humans to suddenly go on a 6 mile jog after winter dormancy, dogs need to take it slow before starting a strenuous workout regimen. Reintroduce your dog to the great outdoors slowly to prevent overuse injuries and overheating.

Here are some springtime tips for urban hounds and their parents!  

  • Spring is a great time for an annual heartworm test and heartworm medication. Consider vaccinating your dog against Lyme disease and update their flea/tick medication.  For more tips on Ticks, see this article
  • Dogs “blow out” their fur twice a year, and spring is when we release all of our protective undercoat that kept us warm in the winter.  Brush us daily to prevent your suit from being covered in dawg. Contact Dog City for spring deshedding treatments!
  • Dander and fur can get all over your air conditioning device.  Schedule air conditioning maintenance and clean your filters before the temperature and humidity starts to rise.
  • Strip your dog’s bed and give it a good washing. Pour baking soda and vinegar in the wash to disinfect and deodorize any winter grime.  Refrain from using fabric softening sheets as it is toxic to dogs.
  • Dirt, dust and saliva accumulates on their toys.  Wash soft toys in the washing machine and hard toys in a bucket full of hot water and dish soap.  Dispose of any toys that are frayed or broken to prevent them from consuming the toy.
  • Wash collars and leashes.  Soak nylon or leather collars in hot water and dish soap and hang to dry.  This also helps to soften leather collars and leashes.