Like humans, dogs are social creatures. To develop a healthy identity, mammals require companionship, social structures, boundaries, a sense of belonging, and healthy attachments with their own species.  Raising a puppy in this period of social distancing with Covid has had an impact on the development of city dogs. 

Here are a few ways dogs can be affected:


Separation Anxiety

New puppy owners are now working from home, which means that a pup may not have learned to develop independence.  If a pup was not taught to be alone, or to feel safe when alone, excess dependence upon the primary caretaker may develop, leading to separation anxieties. Separation anxiety can manifest in many ways, such as excess barking, destructive behavior, neediness, or aggression and animosity towards strangers.  


Social Issues with Canines 

The lack of exposure to fellow dogs can create a multitude of behavioral issues such as aggression, social anxieties and avoidant behaviors towards their own species. 


Social Issues with Humans 

If a puppy is only spending time with their immediate families, antisocial behavior and mistrust towards humans can develop. This can make normal tasks such as veterinary appointments, grooming, or travelling to become a major challenge as the dog develops into adulthood. 


Developmental Delays  

Isolation can hinder the development of confidence, friendliness, playfulness and basic obedience. Dogs need to be exposed to the world around them, and make sense of it as they are highly cognitive, ever evolving creatures.   


Lack of Exercise

Leash walking, or playing indoors does not provide enough mental and physical stimulation to a developing pup.  Dogs develop stamina, agility, and confidence from romping and wrestling with fellow canines. 


How can we counter these effects? 


Socialize, Socialize, Socialize!

The best way to counter all of the effects above is to SOCIALIZE your pup at Dog City.

Through socialization, a dog THRIVES, because they learn to be a dog.  

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