Dogs are social pack animals, and happy dog are made with exercise and love. Just like us humans, no matter what age, dogs greatly benefit from mental and physical stimulus. Urban living is also a great challenge for dogs because we don’t get to do morning sprints in our own back yard.

When boredom or excess energy builds up, behavioral issues such as anxiety, destructiveness, and aggression can arise. As it accumulates, it can also lead to depression. If your dog thinks your Jimmy Choos are Jimmy Chews, it’s might mean that he is bored and frustrated. Here are some tips to keep your dog healthy and happy while Mom and Dad while you’re at work.

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A tired dog is a good dog. The best way to keep your dog healthy and happy is to provide ample exercise for your dog before you go to work. But the reality is that an average New Yorker works long hours, and running 4 miles with your dog is not realistic for everyone. Hire a dog walker, or send your dog to socialization groups where he can wrestle all day such as Dog City. When you’re tired after work, he’ll be tired with you!

● Middle aged and senior dogs also greatly benefit from the exercise and mental stimulus provided at dog day care services. Dogs are pack animals, and thrive best in conditions, which surrounds them with love and attention.

● Start socialization groups early for your puppy. If you deprive a puppy of social experiences in their early developmental period, the result is damaged social capacity. Send them to to day care, puppy groups and dog runs daily so they develop emotional stability and flexibility.

● Make a ritual out of your departure. Put some peanut butter in a Kong toy, and give it to him as a gift every morning. He’ll associate your departure as peanut butter time, and will feel less anxious about being home alone. You can vary what goes into the toy to make it more interesting. Keep a few Kongs in your freezer with yogurt, chopped liver, or cheese!

● Crate train your dog. No young dog roaming freely in your home during your absence. Don’t be surprised if your dog shredded the cushions or urinated on the shag rug. Puppies shred and chew, and you want to prevent him from disconnecting the cable. The best way to potty train your dog in high rise living is to crate train. Keeping him confined in a safe, enclosed den keeps him away from harm.

● Freeze no sodium broth or water in a stainless bowl. It will defrost throughout the day, and your dog will have fun slurping off the ice. Guzzling water can make his bladder full too quickly– which means accidents in the home could happen. Set your dog up to succeed with potty training by limiting his water intake when you are not home.

To a dog, to be kept alone where nothing varies is punishment. Experts agree that dogs get lonely when they spend much of their time alone because they are pack animals. Descended from wolves who work and live in groups, dogs are social beings, and the owners have become their pack members. If they are deprived of their companions– both canine and human, they suffer. So for sure, the best thing you can give to your dog while you are at work is to give them friends. Thanks to my friends at Dog City, I’m proud to say that my social life is better than most humans in NYC!