Rawhide was once a favorite treat among dog owners, but we now know that rawhide is actually really bad to feed your dog. So much so that many pet stores are choosing to no longer sell traditional rawhide treats. Keep reading to learn about rawhide and the risks that it has on dogs.

Risks of Rawhide

Rawhide can cause the following in dogs:


Salmonella poisoning is one risk of both you or your dog coming into contact with rawhide. If rawhide isn’t produced properly it has a high risk of bacterial contamination.

Digestive Issues/Intestinal Blockage

Rawhide has dangerous effects on your dog’s digestive system. Rawhide can swell up in your dog’s stomach to 4 times its original size, causing your dog’s intestines to blocked. Symptoms of intestinal obstruction include continuous vomiting, lack of eating, and severely decreased energy.

Tooth Damage

Dog owners used to give their pet rawhide as a chew treat because they thought it was good for their dental health, but it turns out it did more harm than good. Rawhide is too hard for dog’s teeth, which can lead to them being fractured while chewing.

Just What Is Rawhide Anyway?

Rawhide is cow skin that has been processed in chemical, cleaned in water, bleach or hydrogen peroxide, and then dried.

When looking for a dog chew, always check the ingredients to make sure rawhide is not included.

Written by Vincent M.

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