Dogs are furry little friends that bring so much love and joy into our lives. As pet parents though, we know that owning a dog is not always fun and games. One downside of owning a dog, especially longer haired dogs, is shedding. No one wants to come home to a layer of dog fur covering their apartment, so here are some tips to reduce dog shedding:

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Brushing your dog not only exfoliates their skin and stimulates their hair follicles, but it also helps removes excess fur. Always brush your dog’s fur in the direction it is growing in. This prevents breakage of the hair strands, and reduces shedding as a result.

Use A Shampoo/Conditioner For Their Breed

Find a good shampoo and conditioner for your dog, ideally one that is formulated for their specific breed. Additionally, bathing your dog gets rid of excess fur.


Your dog could be shedding because they are having an allergic reaction to something in your home. If you believe this is the case, consult with your veterinarian to get to the bottom of it and discuss the best treatment options for your dog. Learn more about pet allergies here.

Use A Shedding Tool

Shedding tools are especially great for long-haired dogs. You can use them on short-haired dogs too, but not as often. This tool is designed to remove loose fur from your dog’s coat, but should not be used as a substitute for a regular brush/comb.


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Written by Vincent M.