Fall is officially here! Time to break out the flannels and pumpkin spice! As the temperatures cool down and become way more bearable, they’ll be plenty of opportunities to do fun outdoor activities. But don’t forget about your dog, share the fun times with them too! Here are 6 Fall activities you can do with your dog to get in the festive spirit:

1. Play In A Pile Of Leaves!

Playing in a pile of leaves isn’t just for your human kids, dogs love it too! Take your dog to a park and let them roll around in the fallen leaves. If you’ve got a backyard, rake the leaves into a big pile and let your dog go to town!

2. Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Take your dog with you to a pumpkin patch to go pumpkin picking! Make sure to check if dogs are allowed at whichever one you go to. You can take it a step further by carving your pumpkin to look like your dog!

3. Dress Them Up And Take Halloween Photos

Buy Halloween costumes and have a doggie photoshoot! There’s nothing like a dog in a funny costume to put a smile on the faces of you and your loved ones.

4. Host/Attend a Doggie Halloween Party

Host or attend a Halloween party with your dog. You can make homemade dog treats, decorate them with festive designs, and invite your friends and family, and your dog’s friends too!

5. Go On A Hike

Now that the weather is cooling down it’s the perfect time to go on a hike. Hiking is a great way to bond with your dog, and it’s great exercise for both of you! Be sure that your dog has a flea/tick collar, or is on heartworm medication before heading on your hike.

6. Make Seasonal Doggie Treats

Festive food isn’t just for humans, there are plenty of foods you can share with your dog too. Food like turkey, pumpkin, carrots, cranberries, and apples are all perfectly safe for dogs to consume. Need an idea? How about this recipe for apple, cinnamon & oat dog biscuits!

We hope you have a great time planning these Fall activities with your dog!