Fall is perfect outdoor weather for dogs. There are fewer allergens in the air and the temperature is cooler. A great way to spend time with your dog is taking them to a park! Luckily, New York City has plenty of outdoor spaces you can take your dog to be off-leash. Remember to always take extra safety measures when having your dog off-leash in a public space. Here are 10 off-leash dog parks around NYC:

1. Chelsea Waterside Park

Located in Chelsea

This dog run is a great choice for very active or athletic dogs! The grounds are made of natural and man-made rocks for dogs to run and climb on, making it a very interactive dog park.

2. Central Park

Located in Central Park

Aside from certain designated times and places, all dogs are welcome but must remain leashed while in the park.  However, there are a whopping 23 areas within the park that are accessible for off-leash fun!  Before 9am and after 9pm, dogs are allowed to run freely with others. This park is a free service.

3. Madison Square Dog Park Run

Located near Gramercy

Some features that make this location special include its umbrellas, shade trees, and benches for resting; the provided water for pets, and the private area for small dogs to play! This park is a free service.

4. Washington Square Dog Run

Located in Greenwich Village

Also known as George’s Dog Run. This beautiful little park is surrounded by trees and park benches for your enjoyment and viewing pleasure. It’s a beautiful space with lots of music to listen to and people to chat with.  This park is a free service.

5. Tompkins Square Dog Park

Located in East Village

This historic dog park has been around since 1990 and was the first dog park opened in New York City.  The beautiful location in the East Village attracts dog owners from all over the city, and hosts an annual Halloween dog parade that can’t be missed! This park is a free service.

6. West Village D.O.G.

Located in West Village

Although this small park does have a first-come, first-served membership fee because it is not located in a public park, it’s ammenities more than make up for it. Volunteers work diligently to keep the park clean. Amenities include: first-aid kits, balls and toys, cleaning items, lights and benches, and dog pools. Membership fee is $75 per year.

7. Mercer/Houston Dog Run

Located in West Village and the Soho District

This exclusive, members only, dog run has undergone remodeling over the years to create a dog run that benefits the dogs and owners of this area! There are pools, fresh drinking water, and seating available. This park is located in a busy location, so passers-by with cameras are a normal occurence. The cost is $60 per year.

8. Hudson River Park Pier 84 Dog Run

Located near the Garment District

This location features a waterfront property and the use of a restaurant. The indoor/outdoor restaurant and bar is convenient for dog owners to grab a quick lunch or drink while watching their dog run and play. This park is a free service.

9. Hillside Dog Park

Located in Brooklyn

With over 2 acres of free space, Hillside is a perfect choice for dog owners and dogs alike! The park is fenced in and includes a wooded area for curious exploration.  There is a separate area for small dogs to enjoy without the hassle of bigger dogs as well, and watering holes for both dogs and humans to use. This park is a free service.

10. Sirius Dog Run

Located in the Financial District

Sirius dog run was built as an homage to one of the brave service dogs that made the ultimate sacrifice during the rescue events of 9/11. There are plenty of shade trees and benches to rest upon. The dog run is fully paved and comes complete with a dog wading pool that fills up and empties on a timer, making it a safe and exciting place for you and your dog to visit.  This park is a free service.


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