I am a jock dog, and I love to work out. If you have a high-energy dog that needs an insane amount of exercise, agility training is for you. Agility exercises will build your dog’s confidence and athleticism. It will provide him with purpose and build a rock solid bond between the owner and dog. This probably should not be taught to suburban dogs with a back yard, because he’ll hurdle to hump the neighbor’s beautiful Golden Retriever. But if you have a jock dog like me in the city, check it out at the park!

Spenny Tricks

● Begin with a fence or an obstacle about three feet tall if your dog is about the size of a Doberman or German Shepherd. For smaller agile dogs, adjust height.

● You will begin in the heel position with a collar and leash attached.

● About six feet away from the fence, start pumping him up with a peppy, encouraging tone. He’s not going to jump anything unless you’re motivating him to do something fun. Trot in pace with pep talk. “GO SPENNY GO!” is my cue to get me pumped.

● He will have no clue what you’re talking about, but he’ll get pumped and prepared because of your positive energy.

● Command “LET’S GO” enthusiastically and move rapidly towards the wall.

● As you approach it, exert an upward pressure on the leash and command “HUP HUP!”.

● As you command with leash in your hand, pull him over the wall.

● As he comes down on the other side, praise him like he’s a rock star, because he is.

● Repeat this over and over again, never allowing him to walk around the obstacle. If he tries, firmly command “NO”.

● Repeat, and always assist him with the lift up until he is fully comfortable with clearing the height of the obstacle.

● Do not increase the height of the obstacle until he is fully clearing it with his own strength displays enthusiasm about it. The primary purpose of this exercise is to build his confidence.

● Try about five attempts a day. Do not finish up with an improperly executed exercise. Reduce height as necessary and profusely praise him for the lift up and landing.

● Height increases should only be done in small increments. Inch by inch only.

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The key component here is the pump: motivate him with your positive energy and mark the jump and land with absolute enthusiasm. Make your positive marker clear for the awesome accomplishment of getting to the other side. Your dog will not do this exercise out of love. He will do this because of the confidence and trust that he has in you– he must know that you are able to make him scale the wall.

The record height of a police dog that scaled a wall is twelve foot four inches by a German Shepherd named Falko in Massachusetts. If your dog breaks that record, let us know. We’ll send you a Spenny Shirt!