As busy people we tend to go into “auto pilot” for certain activities, such as walking our dog. However, this leaves a lot of room error, and is no fun for your dog. Learn these 3 common dog walking mistakes and how to avoid them.

3 Common Dog Walking Mistakes

1. You Don’t Check The Weather

Weather is something the affects all animals to varying degrees, and we sometimes forget that our dog may need appropriate apparel for cold days or a water bottle on hot days.

Weather protection tips include:

  • Wearing booties and a coat on cold Winter days
  • Bring water on long walks
  • Avoid walks during the hottest/coldest parts of the day
  • Check that concrete isn’t too hot for your dog to stand on

2. You Walk The Same Route

Dogs can get bored of seeing the same things every day, and a bored dog is not a happy dog. Not getting enough mental stimulation can lead to behavioral issues in dogs. Switch up your walking route every so often so your dog has new things to sniff and explore.

3. You Let Your Dog Approach Unfamiliar Dogs

Letting your dog greet another dog on the street may seem innocuous, but it’s something you should avoid or at the very least do with caution. As friendly as your dog may be, you don’t know how another dog may react to your dog intruding in their space. This can lead to an accident that nobody wants on their walk.

If you choose to let your dog approach another dog, first look at the dog in question and try to read their body language. If a dog does not want to be bothered you will know it. You can also ask their owner if they are good with other dogs.

Mindfulness plays a huge part in avoiding these mistakes while walking your dog, so next time your going for a walk remember these tips.

Happy walking! Click here for more safety tips.

Written by Vincent M.