Joint health is a very important factor in the maintenance of our health.  Well functioning joints keep us mobile and young for years so we can continue to run, swim, and sniffspect dog butts at the park.  As a gigantic St Bernard, I highly recommend incorporating joint supplements in your dog’s meals at an early age, and a home made version from chicken feet keeps me and my pack fit and agile.  Chicken feet is a great source of lean protein, glucosamine, chondroitin and calcium.  

Here is my simple recipe– I’m a dog, and tinkering in the kitchen is not easy without thumbs.  


  • 1 lb of Organic chicken feet (Ideally, it should be locally produced, antibiotic and hormone free.  You can get chicken feet from poultry vendors at farmer’s markets or order them online. Chickens that have been pasturing in sunlight– not stuck in cages in the dark is best).  
  • Three shredded organic apples (no pits and seeds)
  • Three shredded organic carrots
  • Water

Put all the ingredients in a pressure cooker.  Pour enough water into the pot to cover the ingredients, and boil until the chicken feet are soft.  Let it cool.

In a food processor, blend the chicken feet, apples and carrots into a mush. The bones and nails must be fully pulverized.  Dump it all into a rectangular pan, and chill in the fridge.  

This will harden into a delicious jello, which can be cut into cubes and served as a snack, or scooped out to supplement our meals.  Change the vegetables and fruits to keep it interesting and nutritious for us!  Beets, kale, radish, pears, sweet potatoes– anything goes!