It’s almost that time of year that our dogs dread the most, Independence Day. While the Fourth of July can be a fun time, fireworks make it a very stressful time for your dog. Here are safety tips and ways to calm your dog down during firework festivities.

Why Are Dog’s Afraid of Fireworks

Fireworks are everything that dogs hate: unpredictable, loud, and they make them feel trapped. The loud booms and flashes of light frighten them.

Anxiety caused by fireworks is manifested in extreme trembling, drooling, trying to hide, whining, refusing to eat/drink, and loss of bladder/bowel control.

Dog Safety Tips During Fireworks

  • Keep your dog inside during fireworks.
  • Avoid going on a walk during this time.
  • Keep doors securely shut to prevent escape. For extra security, use doorway gates to prevent your dog from leaving.
  • Have your dog’s collar and ID on them so that they are easily identifiable.
  • Make sure that your dog’s microchip info is updated and correct.

How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

  • Keep them in a room with all of their favorite belongings. Make it extra comfy for them.
  • Play music or the tv to block out the noise of the fireworks. Play something that they have heard before for extra security.
  • Try a calming shirt or vest to help aid in calming them. These products work by applying light pressure to a dog’s chest, which they find calming.
  • If you can, stay in the room with your dog to comfort them. However, do not coddle them. They see this as a reward for their behavior.

Written by Vincent M.

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