My name is Yamato the St. Bernard, and I am a spokesdog at Dog City. I’m an eight year old St. Bernard, and by dog age, that means I’m an enlightened senior dog. I’ve mastered the art of being present and fearless, because I spend the majority of my life meditating in silence while sprawled on the floor. I also love to pass along wisdom when life gets challenging. So here goes…

First, a thought for all of you pet parents out there. It’s okay that you are scared. Allow it, but only to a degree. Your thoughts create your feelings. Your fear is exacerbated by the quality of your thoughts. Stay informed and make smart decisions such as staying away from crowds and wash your hands often, but everything else is what it is. The city is at a halt because we need to stop the spread of the virus. Take smart precautions, but aside from that, let it be. Embrace this time to read the book you wanted to read. Clean your apartment. Catch up with old friends over the phone. Do some push ups. Be present. Get out of your head and pat your dog’s head instead. This too, shall pass.

The Dog City DifferenceNow, some pragmatic advice for dog care and wellness during these uncertain times:

  • Currently, there is no solid evidence that companion animals can spread the coronavirus, but we still might be fomites for it. A fomite is a surface that can transmit disease, and anything, not just hard surfaces, can be a fomite. Therefore, discourage strangers from touching your dog.
  • Thoroughly wipe down your dog with disinfectants such as chlorhexidine after outings, particularly the paws, and wash your hands after you touch us.
  • Stay away from public dog runs.
  • Regularly wash your dog’s leashes and collars.
  • Wash your dog’s bedding, toys, and bowls often.
  • Avoid cabin fever by taking us out to the great outdoors! Central Park allows dogs off leash between the hours of 9PM to 9AM, which is a great outlet for our health and spirit!
  • To keep us busy, provide us with enrichment toys that stimulate our minds.
  • Here are 16 ways to play and exercise with your dog indoors to prevent us from chewing on your Jimmy Choos and shredding your couch.
  • You know we love to eat, let’s make some homemade dog treats together!

I hope this helps, and stay tuned for more pointers by joining the Dog City newsletter here.

Until next time,