Do you know what to do with your pet in case of an emergency? June is National Pet Preparedness Month, so we’ve put together a list of everything you will need to prepare an emergency kit for your pet.

How To Prepare an Emergency Kit For Your Pet

These are the following things you will need to complete your emergency pet kit:

Food & Water

Make sure to have several days’ worth of food and water for your pet.

Travel Bag or Carrier

Get your pet accustomed to being in a travel bag or carrier, so in case of an emergency there is not an issue securing them.

Identification & Walking Gear

Keep you pet’s ID tag, collar or harness, and leash somewhere that is easily accessible.

Grooming & Sanitary Products

Make sure to pack products like shampoo, conditioner, paw wipes, and waste bags.

Personal Belongings

Have some of your pet’s favorite toys, treats and bedding ready to take with you. Animals can feel less stressed when in the presence of their belongings.

Medication & First Aid

If your pet takes prescription or OTC medication, make sure to pack that to avoid withdrawal symptoms in your pet. Keep a first aid kit handy as well in case of physical injury.

Other Ways To Be Prepared For An Emergency

  • Get Your pet microchipped in case you are separated.
  • Have an evacuation plan and practice it with your pet.

Written by Vincent M.

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