There’s a crash of thunder and lightning, and when you turn around you find your dog shaking underneath the bed cover. Every pet parent has had to calm their dog during thunderstorms. These can be anxiety inducing events for dogs, who don’t understand what’s going on. In their little minds, the world is ending!

Here are some ways you can help keep your dog calm:

Be Home

Being alone during thunderstorms can make pets even more anxious. They look to us to know that everything is ok. Having you close will help keep them relaxed.

Set Up A Safe Place For Them To Go

Whether your dog sleeps in a crate, on a dog bed, or on your bed, make their space comfortable for when they get scared by loud noises. Use things like their favorite soft blanket and toys.

Keep Calm and Don’t Fuss Over Them

Try not to fuss over their reactions to the loud noises. Dogs can pick up on our feelings, so it’s best to comfort them without coddling them too much.

Use Music, TV, or White Noise

Music, especially Classical music, has been regarded has a great way to calm scared animals. Keeping the TV on or playing white noise are also good options. The goal is to drown out the sounds of the storm.

Try a Thundershirt

ThunderWorks makes a product called the Thundershirt, designed to keep pets calm naturally. Learn more about Thundershirt and try it out here.