My name is Tyson the Boxer, and I’m a ten year old, resident boxing coach at Dog City. I’ve been named Coach Tyson, because I teach the young about discipline and love through the art of body language and play. Here are my humble thoughts as Dog City’s alpha male.

The majority of behavioral issues with dogs occur as a result of lack of Pack Hierarchy. Dominance, aggression, fear, and anxiety issues are often symptoms of lack of leadership— with rare, physiological aspects as exception to the cause.
We are pack animals. We thrive under constant, stable and reliable leadership—we desire a boss to tell us how to be, and tell us what to do. We crave it, and desire guidance. Many dogs do not want to be pack leaders, nor are they capable. But without one, we will attempt to lead our humans, and this imbalance of order can create an anxious, neurotic dog who might be compelled to lead you without qualifications.

While we greatly appreciate your love and devotion to us, it should be the other way around because this format makes us a little crazy. We prefer to devote ourselves to you through your guidance. We don’t know how to lead humans. You guys have complicated responsibilities like bank accounts and jobs. We’re clueless about the complexity of humanity. We don’t understand mutual funds or real estates. We’re not qualified to pilot you. We’re happiest, simply as your faithful trooper, your unconditionally loving, gentle friend.

We are able to love you, but do not respect you unless you give us boundaries. But if we respect you, we thrive. We are at our very best with your leadership.


We want to trust you and be comfortable in your presence, no matter where we are. Even if you are at work, we feel protected knowing you have rules for us. We need your leadership before love, because it makes us feel safe. We want fair leadership from you, where we are given praise if we’re good, and fair corrections to guide us on how to be. Leadership is not dominance or intimidation. It’s guidance: A consistent and constant enforcement of rules which builds our confidence. Through this, we become comfortable with you and the world that surrounds us. And in this urban environment where challenges are many, we need a huge load of your leadership, because this ain’t Yellowstone National Park and howling is deemed uncool.

A great pack leader provides unbiased supervision through tough love. Direction, exercise, and love builds satisfied, content dogs. Teach us how to co-exist with you. Give us rules. Give us purpose. Let us know how we should be, and we will give it all back to you with unconditional love and obedience. Your leadership is the key ingredient to build a bond of life long trust and confidence. Be the boss.

Lead your dogs, like I do at Dog City with the pups.