WOOF! I’m Hanzo the St Bernard mix, the resident helper dog of Dog City and I’ll give you a tour of The Inn, our exclusive boarding service for Dog City Members with my buddy, Rocco.

The Inn offers private, luxury accommodations for your dog in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan. Our bespoke overnight program is an extension of the signature quality and care of Dog City’s day program. Advance reservations and a temperament test is required prior to admittance.

The private suites accommodates discerning dogs of all sizes– from cozy studios to master suites, every canine guest will have their own peaceful, zen space or to bunk with friends and siblings.

After a quiet evening with our caretakers, school starts in the morning! Rocco is waiting in anticipation of the arrival of his friends.

Our friends have arrived! I’ll take a nap because I’m not a morning dog, but Rocco is ready to hustle.

School is in session from 9am to 4pm on weekdays. We’ll have plenty of time to play with friends and enjoy outdoor walks with our Aunties and Uncles at Dog City.

Rocco is thrilled to mingle with his friends all day.

We’re not limited to the playroom and boarding suites. Boarding dogs will have supervised access to freely roam throughout our facility, and to hang out with the office staff during the day.

We’re also allowed to apprentice as office dogs. Rocco is learning how to type, but it’s not easy without thumbs.

After school, it’s dinner time! Meal times can stir up much excitement for canine guests, but private dining allows us to enjoy our dinner quietly.

After day service and dinner, it’s time for a stroll by the river before bedtime.

To enhance your stay at The Inn, additional services such as a Spaw treatment or veterinary care can be booked in advance.

Before bedtime, we cuddle some more with our loving caretakers and our friends.

Yama and Masa, the St Bernard concierge team will make sure that our guests are comfortable at The Inn.

Welcome home! We look forward to your stay at The Inn.