If you have a dog then you’ve definitely Googled, “What type of collar should I get my dog?” There are many different types of collars so choosing the right one for your dog is important. Here are our top collar picks:


Martingale Collars

Our top pick. Martingale collars are great for training your dog to walk on leash, and is a good collar for most dog breeds/sizes. It’s made so that the collar tightens around the dog’s neck (not too tightly) when they pull, which will discourage the behavior. It also prevents dogs from slipping out of its collar, making it a great choice for safety and comfort.



Gentle Leader Head Collars

Head collars are great for training larger dogs who pull a lot on walks. Although they look like muzzles at first glance, they act more as a harness that causes your dog to turn back towards you if they pull. Since this is an unnatural movement for dogs it discourages them from further pulling and encourages them to take your lead.




Metal Prong Collar

Although the looks of metal prong collars may seem harsh at first, trainers everywhere agree that this type of collar is very effective at training strong, stubborn dogs who pull incessantly on leash. Metal prong collars should be used with extreme caution, never pull too hard or leave a dog unattended wearing a metal prong collar.





Although it is not a collar, harnesses are another great option for walking your dog. Harnesses fit around your dog’s chest and abdomen, and clips at the top. While some people believe that harnesses only encourage pulling on leash, this is the best option for smaller breeds who can develop medical issues in neck and airway. 




Happy walking!