Anxiety is a big issue among dogs, in fact it’s one of the most common conditions in dogs. Main factors that contribute to anxiety in dogs include being separated from their owner, hearing sudden loud noises, or being in an unfamiliar environment. Anxiety can manifest in both mental and physical conditions, which is why it is important to know how to identify anxiety in your dog and how to treat it. The best treatment for anxiety is prevention. A great way to ease your dog’s anxiety is with calming treats. There are so many options on the market now, so we’ve put together a list of our top 5 calming treats for dogs.

Top 5 Calming Treats For Dogs

1. Pupgrade Anxiety Chews

  • Contains Natural Ingredients
  • Promotes Calmness & Relaxation
  • Great for All Ages & Sizes
  • GMP Certified & Veterinarian Formulated
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2. Pawfy Calming Chews for Dogs

  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Non-Drowsy Formula
  • Vegetarian Chicken Flavoring
  • Non-GMO
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pawfy chews

3. Waggedy Calm Chews with Melatonin

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Time-Release Soft Chews
  • Vet Approved
  • 100% Guarantee
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4. Pet Honesty Hemp Calming (Max Strength)

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Non-Sedative Calming Chew
  • No Added Wheat, Corn, or Sugar
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pet honesty

5. Nootie Progility Calming Aid Soft Chews with Melatonin

  • Advanced Formula
  • Includes Probiotics
  • Cold-Pressed
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Written by Vincent M.

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