The new year is upon us and it’s time to celebrate! It’s also important to keep an eye on your pets during the celebrations. This may be a time of fun for us, but it can be scary and nerve-wracking for our dogs. Keep reading to learn our New Year’s Eve safety tips for a happy and healthy holiday.

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips


Alcohol is something that many pets get into, especially this time of year. Even a little bit of alcohol can be bad for dogs, leading to depression, unsteadiness, and vomiting. For small dogs alcohol can be especially dangerous and even fatal. If you’ll be having alcohol at your New Year’s Eve celebration be sure to keep them out of reach for your dog. Also keep an eye on them throughout the night to make sure they’re not up to trouble.


Holidays can be nerve-wracking for dogs because of fireworks. Despite fireworks being illegal here in NYC, it’s still something you’ll hear in various neighborhoods. If you’re dog is especially afraid of fireworks avoid taking them out at night. Instead, take them for a long walk before it gets dark so that they can relieve themselves and get a little exercise too. At home, make their space extra cozy for them to feel safe. You can also make use of a white noise machine to muffle any outside sounds that could cause your dog to become afraid.

Secure Exits

If you will be leaving your dog at home while you celebrate the new year, be sure to lock any doors you feel should be kept out of while you’re gone. For extra security, leave your dog in a room with the door closed. Be sure to not leave anything valuable in the room with them that they could possibly destroy out of anxiousness.

If you are hosting a party at your own home, still secure the front door as guests are coming and leaving to ensure that your dog doesn’t escape.

Written by Vincent M.

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