Imagine the joy of bringing your dog to work. Your buddy will no longer be lonely at home, and rushing back after work would be a thing of the past. With proper preparation and training, any dog can become an amazing office dog.  Here a few quick tips on how to bring your dog to work: 

Acclimate Your Dog To Transportation

If you ride the train, bus or cab to work, start taking short rides to get your dog accustomed to daily travel. Keep your dog secure in a carrier, and if a larger breed, outfit them with a safe harness so that your dog is safely attached to you.  Provide plenty of praise and high value treats as they tolerate the new environment. Here are more travel tips for your dog.

Take A Short Trip To Your Office With Your Dog

Bring your dog to your work space for short trips, and leash walk around the office. Introduce them to people, and allow them to sniff-spect all the rooms. A dog requires thorough inspection of their environment to feel safe. As your dog displays positive curiosity, provide profuse praise. 

Set Up A Safe Space For Your Dog At Work

Create a comfortable den like environment for your dog so you’re prepared for phone calls, meetings and lunches. A covered crate lined with soft bedding, chew toys allows your dog to snooze comfortably while you’re away from the desk, OR if your colleague brings in a giant box of donuts. If crates are not an option for your dog, consider baby gates or a pen. Here are tips on crate training.

Potty Breaks

Create a predictable routine for your dog for potty breaks at work. Both you and your dog will benefit from short breaks to stroll around the workplace to release some stress and energy. If your dog inadvertently soils the office, use enzyme cleaner to thoroughly remove the scent. Dogs tend to soil the same spot, so thoroughly removing the scent is crucial. 

To Reduce Stress At Work

Unless your dog is a social butterfly who loves attention from strangers, have your co-workers be respectful of your dog’s boundaries for the first few weeks. Grant space for your dog to come out of their shell on their own terms. Be patient and loving, a new environment is intimidating to a dog. 

Send Your Dog To Dog City While You’re At Work!

Call us at 212-244-3647, and we can create a routine for your dog which can include dog walking or day care arrangements from your office. While you work, your dog can exercise and play!

By Leya Ogihara