The Summer months are quickly approaching, and with it brings a ton of opportunities to do fun outdoor activities with our dogs. Prolonged exposure to hot and humid weather can cause dramatic spikes in a dog’s body temperature and result in hyperthermia, or heat strokes. Dogs’ bodies cannot regulate their temperature the way that our human bodies do through perspiration, so keeping them as cool as possible while outdoors is best way to keep them safe.

Dogs May Suffer A Heat Stroke From:

  • Over-exertion in hot or humid weather
  • Being left outdoors without adequate shade to rest under
  • Being crated in direct sunlight while you’re away
  • Kept in a vehicle, even if for a short time

Breeds with smooshed faces like Pugs or French Bulldogs, and overweight dogs are more susceptible to heat strokes so you’ll want to practice extra caution with them.

Symptoms Your Dog is Experiencing Heat Stroke:

  • Elevated heart rate
  • Abnormally rapid breathing/panting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Gum color is something other than pink (pale, purple, or blue)
  • They are disoriented or in a stupor
  • Physical collapse

If you believe your dog is suffering from heat stroke get them into a shady area, and ideally to a vet clinic, as soon as possible. Placing a cold, wet towel over their back and wetting their ear flaps can help cool them down until medical care is possible.

Visit Pure Paws Veterinarian Clinic for any medical attention your furry friend may need.

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