I'm a dog and I live in a city. Can I use Dog City?

Dog City is currently exclusive to residents living in Related buildings. It's like a private school for dogs without any homework! However, Dog City is expanding so stay tuned for announcements of future locations.

Where is Dog City located?

Dog City has multiple locations in New York City with more opening soon. View locations »

How do I go about becoming a Dog City member? Are there requirement? What is the process?

To become a Dog City Member, all dogs must be current on all required vaccinations (Bordetella, Rabies, DA2PP, and Canine Influenza), must be spayed or neutered if over one year, pass a temperament test, and complete a membership application.

What are the different membership tiers Dog City offers?

Dog City has several different membership packages. The amount of days you are scheduled each week is dependent on your package. This will determine what time you go home for nap after a day of play.

My parents want me to smell good. Do you have grooming services

Spaw services are offered at Dog City once a week. Please book in advance as the Spaw is a popular service! We offer full haircuts, brush outs and dematting, bath and fluff, pawticures, and ear cleaning.

I want to stay healthy. Does Dog City have veterinary services?

Veterinary appointments are offered at Dog City by appintment. Our partnering veterinary team offers a wide variety of services, including routine check ups, vaccinations, physical examinations, nutritional counseling, holistic therapy, and acupuncture.

How do I cancel a previously requested service?

To cancel previously scheduled services, your parents should contact the office at least 24 hours in advance. This way, they will not be charged for any additional services not already included in your membership.