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Yama’s Nard Stew

Kibble is convenient, but feeding your dog the same packaged item on a daily basis is akin to humans eating processed foods from a box on a daily basis. Dogs greatly benefit from fresh vegetables and meat, and since I have no thumbs, it needs to be simple. Here’s my basic recipe for an easy… Continue reading

Yamascotti: Beef Barley Biscuit Recipe for Dogs

Check out my new column, Yamascottis! My Dad is a pastry chef and baker from Switzerland, so surely, my baking skillz are half way decent if I have his genes…. Try this dog biscuit recipe that’s smells like Campbell’s Beef Barley soup. Mmm Mmm good! ½ c. pureed carrots ½ c. pureed celery 2 c.… Continue reading

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