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Winter Tips for Dogs

Winter Tips for Dogs

I am a St Bernard, and I LOVE winter. Snow, slush and ice rocks my world, but winter is not for every dog as much as warm summers are tough on me. I’ve heard humans say ridiculous things like “dogs do not need coats”, or “dogs do not get cold”. This is preposterous. As much… Continue reading

Funky Ears: How to Care for Your Dog’s Ears

Most dogs will agree that the process of ear cleaning is pure injustice.  Nothing scares me– I’ll sleep through thunder, and toddlers whacking my nose with a toy is quite charming.  I love to be hugged by men in giant Elmo suits at Times Square, and loud speed boats are cool because it takes me… Continue reading

How To Administer Pills To a Dog (And Cats Too!)

Medicating dogs can be precarious, because you can’t reason with us about why we need to take a pill.  I’m a food driven 150lb St Bernard, so I’ll happily take any pill as long as it smells like food.  My 165lb St Bernard brother, Masa is another story.  His mouth is as wide as a… Continue reading

Yama’s Nard Stew

Kibble is convenient, but feeding your dog the same packaged item on a daily basis is akin to humans eating processed foods from a box on a daily basis. Dogs greatly benefit from fresh vegetables and meat, and since I have no thumbs, it needs to be simple. Here’s my basic recipe for an easy… Continue reading

Environmentally Friendly Indoor Potty Pads

Most dogs are toilet trained outdoors, but for urban dogs, indoor potty training is an option for small breeds and puppies that are in the process of completing their vaccinations.   Potty pads are also useful for geriatric dogs, dogs in high rise apartments and during the cold winter months.   Although it’s convenient, potty… Continue reading

Canine Oral Care

Dog breath.  It stinks.   Oral hygiene is a much overlooked factor in a dog’s overall health because we’re not raccoons and we’re unable to hold a toothbrush nor turn the faucet on.  If your dog has halitosis, a number of causes may be responsible for this condition– mainly, plaque build up, cavities, or periodontal… Continue reading

How to Keep Your Dog Safe In the Summer

Summer is an awesome season for dogs in NYC, because our human parents are active outdoors.  As much as I love the outdoors, I am always hot because I’m a huge dog with a heavy undercoat.  Summer can be a dangerous season for heavily undercoated dogs, short nosed breeds, overweight or elderly dogs, or dogs… Continue reading

Leashes 101

My name is Yama, and I am a 155lb St Bernard and a proud New Yorker.  I have two St. Bernards brothers, and we are often mistaken for a herd of donkeys.  Our combined weight exceeds 400lbs, so the type of leashes we use is essential.  Leash lengths are particularly important for dogs in urban… Continue reading

How to Be a Pack Leader 101

Dogs are pack animals, which means they require a social, hierarchical structure.  They thrive in an environment that provides stability, predictability, structure and consistency, and the majority of behavioral issues with dogs are a result of this lack of hierarchical framework.  Without it, the dog is confused and feels the need to lead the human… Continue reading

Potty Training 101

My name is Masa the St Bernard.  Some call me Sasquatch, but I’m actually a 165lb canine.  When I was first adopted from Animal Care Centers of Brooklyn, I was a hot mess.  This Yeti was not used to city living.  I was a 120lb monster that placed giant poop track marks all over the… Continue reading

Crate Training 101

My name is Hanzo, and I’m a one year old St Bernard Mutt.  North Shore Animal League shipped me from Tennessee when I was 4 months old, and I was adopted by Dog City to join the resident St Bernards, Papa Yama and Papa Masa. I’m studying as an apprentice helper dog, and my job… Continue reading

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